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multiple lypoma treatment

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I have lypoma since many years.i am searching for ayurvedic treatment on multiple lypoma medpachak drugs?

1 Answers

  1. Dr Ram Mani Bhandari on Aug 13, 2012 reply

    Dear Archana
    welcome to Ayurvedic cure
    Lipoma is the benign tumour made up of fat cell soft in touch. Lipoma is mostly fuond in adut after age 40years. There is still no known ayurvedic medicine to treat lipoma.some of purification technique like Udwartana, and vamana can be done for the treatment.
    According to ayurveda copper is helpful to cure extra growth. Take water in copper container, leave it overnight and drink it the next morning. In case you experience vomiting sensation after drinking this water then just keep it for two hours. you can take vridhavatika vati, kanchanar guggul, tamra bhasma are fat breaking medicines. if not cure with medicine Ayurvedic surgery for lipoma is done after local fomentation. Lipoma is surgically removed and the wound is sutured immediately after the bleeding stops.Karanj oil can be appllied locallly over the wound after surgery.

    Take care

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